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People and Culture

Core to Cello’s DNA are our people. It is through their passion, commitment and application of their expertise that we are able to deliver outstanding value to our clients.

We work hard to ensure we offer an attractive and stimulating place to work that enables our professionals to achieve their full potential.

Our culture is founded on a set of values that guides how we work with each other and our clients. These values are intrinsic to who we are, how we differentiate ourselves and form the basis of our service offerings and project methodologies.

All employees are recruited, trained, performance assessed, rewarded and promoted on the basis of fairness, professional competence and contribution.

The Academy

The Academy is a vital means of creating a strong group culture.

The Academy was set up over a decade ago to provide an additional learning platform for individuals to further their development and careers. The Academy has an overarching purpose of bringing people from different parts of Cello Health plc together, allowing them to better understand the businesses, make connections and collaborate.

To date over 350 employees within the Cello businesses have studied with the Academy which has encouraged personal growth, inspired career development and led to new promotions to Board level.

The Academy is made of up three components designed to equip our people for the future:

  • Management and Leadership – building capability across the different management tiers.
  • People and Technology – developing skills and knowledge that are common threads across Cello.
  • Vocational – developing individuals in specific professional vocational areas including finance, IT and HR.

The Work We Do

Evaluating where to play in the microbiome

The landscape of the Human Microbiome is complex, with many factors influencing its development. Our client required a rigorous evaluation of the future landscape and creation of detailed future scenarios to enable them to make strategic business decisions. .

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Oncology asset revenue royalty investment decision

To understand perceptions of physicians globally at a time when ovarian cancer treatment was experiencing a significant change due to the launch of 3-5 commercially similar, yet medically ground-breaking products.

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The life changing value of medicine

The debate around the price of medicines has become loud, one-sided, and framed through the lens of ‘price in isolation’. As long as the debate is framed in this way, the pharmaceutical industry will struggle to be anything other than the ‘bad guy’, putting price barriers in the way of access to life-changing medicines.

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Mapping of online behaviour and influence in severe asthma

Our client was preparing for launch of a new treatment for severe asthma. As part of the launch strategy they wanted to develop a patient mobilisation program to engage with patients in the early stages of the treatment journey.

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Early detection of HIV

The provision of HIV testing beyond Genito-Urinary Medicine, into settings where people are most likely to use them, has proved a complex issue.

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