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Cello’s ‘Talking Taboos’ Set To Provide Plenty To Talk About

31st July 2012

CSR self-harm research results to be unveiled in Autumn 2012

Cello, the leading global insight and strategic marketing group, has completed the first phase of its new ‘Talking Taboos’ CSR research programme. Unveiled earlier this year, Talking Taboos is a unique campaigning brand, launched to directly tackle health and social issues by leveraging Cello’s experience in health and strategic marketing insight, for good.

For this first project, Talking Taboos is examining self-harm amongst young people in partnership with YoungMinds, the UK’s leading children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing charity. Cello and YoungMinds want to raise awareness of young people who self-harm and tackle the misconceptions that surround it, so that young people feel less stigmatised, and more able to access help. Talking Taboos has undertaken a major research project which has highlighted a range of insights that will be used to identify ways of better supporting young people who self-harm.

Cello companies taking part in the project include, Insight, Medergy, MSI, Face, 2CV, RS Consulting/Leapfrog, Stripe Communications and The Leith Agency, who are combining their expertise to contribute to a ‘whole community’ view. This research is ground-breaking, the first major study of its kind and will integrate the results of advanced qualitative and social media research with a robust quantitative sample of 2,500 parents, teachers, GPs and young people.

The results will be analysed and announced in Autumn 2012.

Vincent Nolan, Group Chairman of Cello Research and Consulting said:

“Cello’s Talking Taboos focuses on areas where embarrassment, fear or ignorance prevents sufferers from seeking help. As a group we have a unique opportunity to pool our talents and resources to make a real difference.

“Self-harm is an issue that society has swept under the carpet for too long. We hope that publicising our research will help everyone gain a better understanding of the issue, stimulate debate and drive change for good.”

For more information please contact Gemma Bell or Jenny Stewart at Stripe Communications on 0131 561 8686 or at

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